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My latest art submissions. Keep in mind some art in here may have been created at an earlier date then submission (Posting some of my earlier work and whatnot).


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Peoples' art that I believe to be positively divine.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


Welcome to my profile! :D

I create models/mods for the Source Engine, you can find most of my recent stuff on Steam Workshop and on here.

You can also find my older work on My later work and current projects can be found on my Steam Workshop page.

Steam profile

Steam Workshop Submissions

Discopears' 2015 Year in Review

Sat Jan 2, 2016, 10:00 AM

Where to begin...

    This year has no doubt been crazy, from a never ending stream of constant challenges being thrown my way and yet seeming to somehow be one of my most productive. When this year started I found myself having to adjust back to a life I had long hoped to be left behind, enduring the hardships of once again losing my home and belongings as I became homeless a second time.

    However, among such hardships I have built some amazing memories and experiences I couldn't be anymore thankful for. I was able to keep myself busy, spend quality time with my brother, graduate from high school, make awesome progress with my artwork and grow even closer to some of my greatest friends. Above my struggles I was able to finally achieve what I had been working so hard to accomplish since 2013, the release of A True True Friend. No amount of hardship could keep the amazing events of 2015 from shining through.

    This year would not have been what it has been if it hadn't been for the endless support from my brother Nathan, teachers, and my dearest friends Ashley, Ryan, Cameron, Frederick, and everyone else. For all those I haven't listed, you know who you are, thank you!

Art Timeline

With all I've learned and created this year, I would like to take a moment to review and reflect on the artwork I've released as well as some of the amazing events that have been spread across each and every month. Below I have spread out all of the notable artwork I've submitted over the course of 2015. A lot of the art is tied to my Work Updates, building up to the release of A True True Friend.




January was right around the time I was starting to pick up the pace and get back into the swing of working. Having to adjust to being homeless a second time was as painful as it was challenging, however by then I was much more adjusted to all the changes and more able to focus on getting things done. The work I completed here was all of the major hill props you see above. Having these completed meant I could render out a scene for Sweet Apple Acres and start porting them over to the Source Engine for usage in SourceFilmmaker.

The Man of Tin by discopears

Man of Tin

The Mechanical Man by discopears

The Mechanical Man

The two above art pieces were an attempt to work on something fresh and different for a change, I was admittedly a bit burned out of My Little Pony. I created the robot character to be used in an assignment for my High School Graphic Design class. Beyond that though I decided to take his model and build an entire scene to refresh my knowledge in using Blender's Cycles renderer. That scene is represented in my piece titled "The Mechanical Man".

Multimedia Artists Poster (80s Inspired) by discopears

Multimedia Artist Poster

By March, I started work on what would later be my collection of Ponyville oriented assets. During this month I discovered what has become one of my favorite niche music genres, Outrun (Hotline Miami's OST is a good example of this genre).

With a constant stream of '80s digital' themed motivation flowing through my veins I needed to channel it into something. This is where the poster above comes into play, another project in Blender, rendered with Cycles. This image too had a secondary use as part of a poster assignment for my Graphic Design class. I had a ton of fun experimenting with and evoking style in this one.

Ponyville Model - OGB_1 (Game/Animation) by discopears

Ponyville Building "OGB_1"

Ponyville Model - OGB_2 (Game/Animation) by discopears

Ponyville Building "OGB_2"

Ponyville Model - Courtyard_B (Game/Animation) by discopears

Ponyville Building "Courtyard_B"

Ponyville Model - Balcony_B (Game/Animation) by discopears

Ponyville Building "Balcony_B"

Ponyville Model - Bridged_B (Game/Animation) by discopears

Ponyville Building "Bridged_B"

Ponyville Model - Pink_B (Game/Animation) by discopears

Ponyville Building "Pink_B"

Ponyville Model - Wide_B Front (Game/Animation) by discopears

Ponyville Building "Wide_B"

Well by discopears

Well and Pink Fence

Vegetation by discopears

Vegetation - Bushes

Vegetation Tall by discopears

Vegetation - Tall

Ground Details by discopears

Small Ground Detail Props

After getting started earlier in March, April is when I essentially created the bulk of my Ponyville Environments set and came up with how they would all work together. I finished most of the needed building models, created vegetation props, and a handful of small props to act as micro details when building a Ponyville themed environment.


In May, I used my spare time to further work on my Ponyville assets and to bring them to 100% completion. On May 19th, I turned 18 and celebrated my birthday with a long dreaded statistics test for my Finite Math class. The timing was wonderful... Besides that though, having Ponyville out of the way meant I had the bulk of all the TTF work completed, with only a lot of misc. loose ends remaining.

Graduation by discopears
Trees Wide txt by discopears

SAA Trees

Trees Wide Dead txt by discopears

Trees - Dead Versions

Large Tree Dead by discopears

Dead Tree & Work Fence

Barn (New and Worn) by discopears

SAA Barn (Reg vs Dmg)

Wagon txt by discopears

Wagon Model

Dirt Road by discopears

Dirt Road

Hay by discopears


Seeds by discopears

Seed Bag

Corn by discopears

Corn Crop 

Arch and Chute by discopears

Arch and Chute

Grass Hills by discopears

Grassy Hills

LR - Rugs by discopears

Rug Sprites

Salad Bowl by discopears

Salad Breakdown

June 17th was a big day, after 4 years of juggling high school, issues on the homefront, and my artwork... I was GRADUATED and official done with high school. With school out of the way, I proceed to shift all of my energy and time getting my work done once and for all. Shortly after, I posted two more work updates, sharing the completion of Sweet Apple Acres and Fluttershy's Cottage.

Dresses by discopears

Mannequins & Dresses

Sewing Stuff by discopears

Sewing Props

Clothing Cart by discopears

Clothing Cart

Damage by discopears

CB Damage Props

511987249 Preview Band Hat C By Discopears-d92bhxr by discopears

Band Hat

511987249 Preview Drum   Stick White Compress By D by discopears


511987249 Preview Band Trumpet By Discopears-d92bh by discopears


511987249 Preview Elements Chest Open By Discopear by discopears

Elements Chest

OGB 1 snow by discopears

OGB_1 Snow

OGB 2 snow by discopears

OGB_2 Snow

Vegetation Snow txt by discopears

Vegetation - Snow

Hills Snow txt by discopears

Hills - Snow

July being my first full month out of school, I constructed the last two content filled work updates. Now having both Carousel Boutique and all the Animation Specific models done, my work for the animation was complete!


My single post during August was my very last update before the actual release. With all of the 3D model work completed,  the duration of this month was spent designing and building its release while Nutrafin finilized the video. I had a bunch ideas for its presentation, but in order to apply them I decided to learn about HTML and CSS coding so that I may create my own custom formatting and interactivity. Additionally it was this month that I spent countless hours generating all of the renders and imagery to be later used in the release.

Banner by discopears

Release of "A True, True Friend!"

The moment of truth, after two years of working off and on with Nutrafin, this is what it all lead up to. Spanning across two different cases of being homeless, the release of these models and the animation held a very personal meaning to me. 

Observing people's reactions, seeing how others have used my work, and watching the video's view counter break 3 Million has been unspeakable.

Releasing something of that magnitude was very scary and unnerving to say the least, but it was an experience unlike any other. One that was to say the least, well worthwhile.


Click Above to Read!

Ton Roosendaal, original creator of Blender, gave my article a shout out on twitter!! (click img to view on twitter)

By November my article for Sketchfab was written and waiting to be published. Seeing the article go up was amazingly satisfying and what followed afterwards... was as amazing as it was unexpected. Shortly after, Ton Roosendaal, the original creator Blender, complimented it on Twitter! I couldn't have asked for a greater compliment.

New Look WIP by discopears

A New Look - (Current WIP)

And now comes December, the final month of 2015. My goals for this month were to start seriously figuring out the big question, "What's next?". I am currently redesigning the entire look of my profile page, over the past year I've grown very tiresome of Deviant Art's boring green. The redesign is not yet finished, but I have many ideas I am currently working on.

Then of course you have the page you are reading now, my final project of 2015. I never would have expected to really enjoy learning the basics of web development, but it certainly has become a sizable interest of mine.

A New Year

With the dawn of 2016 there are many new and exciting changes right around the corner. This will be the year I take what I have learned and continue to make the never ending push for professionalism, working to be consistently active, and to never stop learning.

For all of you amazing people who watch me here on DeviantArt and regularly support my work, I fully intend on being more active on here than I ever have.

 I very much look forward to sharing more of my work and to further interact with all of you. Below are a few of the things I will be looking to get started on and what you can expect to see from me in 2016.

Open  Commissions

I would like to explore options with doing commissions and freelance work. Creating models and environments for whatever your project may need.

Learn & Develop in Unity

In the coming months I will be actively learning Unity. My friend Ashley and I will be developing the early shell of our first game project and with that, starting our early studio.

 Regular Journal Updates

 I intend to often report my progress and post regular dev updates. Additionally I'm interested in sharing more community releases (such as A True True Friend), writing tutorials, and doing other fun features.

Thank You! :3

    Whether you read through the entire thing or got bored and scrolled all the way down here, thanks a bunch for checking out my work! The support I get from everyone who follows my art and those who have found creative uses for my assets, means the world to me. I very much so look forward to spending another great year with you all and hope the best for each and every one of you. As for what 2016 has in store, time will only tell. Happy New Years!!!

Under Construction!

I'm currently experimenting with custom profile modifications - excuse the mess or any awkward looking things until I get it all finished and looking nice. ;)

Journal History



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