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My latest art submissions. Keep in mind some art in here may have been created at an earlier date then submission (Posting some of my earlier work and whatnot).


Peoples' art that I believe to be positively divine.


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United States

I like playing games and creating 3D artwork. I create 3D environments within Blender as well as models for Garrys Mod and Source Filmmaker. Not all my work is on here, but as I finish stuff I plan on getting more on here. ^^

You can find my older work on My later work and current projects can be found on my Steam Workshop page.

My Steam profile:… (this link was broken for a while, whoops!)

My Steam Workshop Submissions:…

Have a request? I do accept them! However, I have a busy schedule with school, as well as limits. There are some things I won't make, but if there is something you'd like in Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker send me a message and I'll get back to you.
Hey there! Its been a bit since I've made a formal update.

Just as before, my living situation has not changed yet, but things have been tolerable at the very least. In this small update, I'll be recapping my Sweet Apple Acres progress and give you a quick look at the next environment I am putting focus onto!

[Sweet Apple Acres]

Now, most of you have already seen this, so there shouldn't be a whole not new here. I'll be showing what I've completed and what I have left for this particular section of work.

Main Barn Environment [Completed]

Sweet Apple Acres - Game Models by discopears

Overlook (In Blender)

Sweet Apple Acres [In-Blender] Game Models by discopears

Model/Prop Contents:
  • Barn Model
  • Ground Base (includes small sheds)
  • Hay Pile
  • 2x Cloud Sprites (may make more)
  • Hill_01
  • Hill_02
  • Hill_03 (simple)
  • Hill_04 (simple)
  • Hill_05 (simple)
  • Hill_Curvy
  • Hill_Curvy_Bare
  • Hill_Road
  • Hill_Road 2
  • Hill_Plowed
  • Hill_Plowed 2

What I Have Left

(Dead Tree & Weathered Fence)
Tree & Fence by discopears

(High-Poly & High-Res Tree Mode - After texturing, I'm going to compile the reg. model and also a mirrored one for more uses)
Tree by discopears

(Wagon Model - Already unwrapped, just needs textures. I also need to rig it)
Wagon by discopears

(and... more! - There are still numerous and various bits and pieces of work left, such as extra props, skins, and a couple road models)

[Ponyville Environment Props]

I am currently working on 9 different Ponyville building models. I am also going to create a couple ground bases for various scenes, some vegetation props, a couple road models, and more). 
Here is a small taste of what I got done tonight! Expect another update later this weekend as I get more done. :)

Ogb 2 7 by discopears

Mansion 2 by discopears

These two models are still very much so a work-in-progress, but I wanted to share how they look!
The other buildings currently look exactly as they do in this previous update or are currently in my gallery and finished (models, not textures).

Feel free to post comments, questions, concerns, or even ideas!

Thanks for taking a look as always, and expect more to come,
  • Listening to: "Ace of Hz" by Ladytron
  • Playing: Star Trek Online
Hello once again!

Unfortunately my housing/living situation hasn't gotten much better since my last journal entry. However, after stubborn persistence I was able to find out what broke on my computer and replace the parts. I had to get a new motherboard and processor, fortunately I got both replaced through warranties with AMD and MSI.

Anyhow... Despite all the changes and stuff going on, I have another update on the A True True Friend project!

Sneak Peak of Sweet Apple Acres

The Barn Model

Barn Comparison by discopears

Barn Display by discopears

Barn with WIP Ground Base (and other decor)

Note: The hay piles aren't textured yet and I am still adding to this part.

GB Overview by discopears

GB Overview2 by discopears

As always, thanks for taking a look! I'll be posting some final images of Sweet Apple Acres once it is all finished. I just wanted to share what I have so-far with you guys and let you know that I am doing alright.

I'm getting closer and closer to release with each update! Once Sweet Apple Acres is done (and it's very close to being so) I'll be finishing all my Ponyville Building models. Once I'm done with all that, it's a matter of implementing everything in Nutrafin's animation and then... RELEASE DAY! :D

As always, feel free to comment and leave any suggestions! :)


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