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My latest art submissions. Keep in mind some art in here may have been created at an earlier date then submission (Posting some of my earlier work and whatnot).


People's art that I believe to be positively divine.

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United States

I like playing games and creating 3D artwork. I create 3D environments within Blender as well as models for Garrys Mod and Source Filmmaker. Not all my work is on here, but as I finish stuff I plan on getting more on here. ^^

You can find my older work on My later work and current projects can be found on my Steam Workshop page.

My Steam profile:… (this link was broken for a while, whoops!)

My Steam Workshop Submissions:…

Have a request? I do accept them! However, I have a busy schedule with school as well as limits. There are some things I won't make, but if there is something you'd like in Garry's Mod send me a message and I'll get back to you.


Hello once again!

Unfortunately my housing/living situation hasn't gotten much better since my last journal entry. However, after stubborn persistence I was able to find out what broke on my computer and replace the parts. I had to get a new motherboard and processor, fortunately I got both replaced through warranties with AMD and MSI.

Anyhow... Despite all the changes and stuff going on, I have another update on the A True True Friend project!

Sneak Peak of Sweet Apple Acres

The Barn Model

Barn Comparison by discopears

Barn Display by discopears

Barn with WIP Ground Base (and other decor)

Note: The hay piles aren't textured yet and I am still adding to this part.

GB Overview by discopears

GB Overview2 by discopears

As always, thanks for taking a look! I'll be posting some final images of Sweet Apple Acres once it is all finished. I just wanted to share what I have so-far with you guys and let you know that I am doing alright.

I'm getting closer and closer to release with each update! Once Sweet Apple Acres is done (and it's very close to being so) I'll be finishing all my Ponyville Building models. Once I'm done with all that, it's a matter of implementing everything in Nutrafin's animation and then... RELEASE DAY! :D

As always, feel free to comment and leave any suggestions! :)
Hello everyone,  I am sorry to say that things are not going very well for me right now.

I am currently homeless and my computer has died. This means that all my artwork and projects are on hold until I have a place to live and I've figured out how I am going to repair my computer. Until then there is nothing more I can do.

This is actually the second time I've become homeless with my family while trying to deal with High School and my 3D environment projects.  Only this time I've lost my computer and everything seems so much more uncertain. I don't often share personal things on here, but I wanted you guys to know.

I don't know when I'll be able to finish and release my "A True True Friend" model packages or any of the other things I have been working on. I want to put those out as soon as I can.. there is nothing more I'd rather do, but life doesn't seem to want it to be easy.

Thank you guys for all the support. The comments, favorites, and everyone who watches me all mean more to me then I could ever express in words.

Hopefully something will change soon.

Lucas Sabatka
Hi there! Since my last update I've made some more progress on my work. I've started work on completing all the background buildings the animation needs as well as the Sweet Apple Acres portions.

Background Buildings (Rough WIP)

These are are all super early versions, just to show what I am currently working on. This should also give you a fair idea of what you'll be seeing in the Ponville Generic pack that'll be released alongside Carousel Boutique, Fluttershy's Cottage, and Sweet Apple Acres.

BG Building2 Pres by discopears
This building still needs a little smaller details, such as window pains, stairs, etc.

BG Towers Pres by discopears
This one also needs a lot of its smaller details. (doors, windows, etc)

BG Bridged Pres by discopears
This building is more or less complete, just needs details on its backside.

BG Pink Pres by discopears
Same as the others, has the core parts, needs the smaller details.

BG Mansion Pres by discopears
The earliest of all them, still needs a roof among other things.

Sweet Apple Acres (Rough WIP)

These too are pretty early and partly experimental. The final group of models will include the barn model and a bunch of misc. scenery and props that belong to the area.

Barn with Ground Base -Blender by discopears
Early version of the ground base for the barn.

Hill Testing by discopears
Just some quick experimenting with various hill models and the barn to see how I'm going to make everything. Keep in mind, none of these are textured or have trees and other details yet (except the one in the back).

This part of the project is a little tricky in that there are a lot of different ways I could do this. I'm thinking the best way to do it is to have a separate model for each hill, then in Source Filmmaker you can arrange them as you see fit. This may look a tiny bit strange, but with more hills and actual textures, it'll look better. This way will make it easier to texture and allow you to use the hills in different ways and as different backgrounds that may not have anything to do with Sweet Apple Acres.

Farm Orchard (Dead) by discopearsAiP Sweetappleacres by discopears

I'm pretty much trying to blend these two references, as the hills to the right of the barn are completely different in these two parts.

I still have work left, but I am super close to being finished, meaning the animation will be soon ready for release, which also means I'll be releasing all these models for y'all to use. When I'm finished with what you see here, I'll be finished with everything and it'll just be a matter of getting everything working in SFM.

As always, feel free to comment and leave any suggestions!
Hi there! Its been a little while since my last update. So, here is what I've been up to: Completed, Textured Fluttershy's Cottage, with two new additional rooms!

Fluttershy's Cottage:

Front of the Living Room

This is front of the main room in Fluttershy's cottage. Most of the furniture, are separate props that can be rearranged however you wish.
Fluttershy's Cottage - Game Models (front) by discopears

Back of the Living Room

This is the back of the main room.
Fluttershy's Cottage - Game Models (back) by discopears


Her kitchen is never actually shown (to my knowledge) so this is of my own design. I tried to match the general style of her home. It was a little rushed, but I like the way it turned out.
Fluttershy's Cottage - Game Models (kitchen) by discopears


Here is another one of the additional rooms I added to the model. It doesn't have every detail from the show necessarily, but I wanted to give other users (other than Nutrafin) some extra freedom to use these models in the ways that they need.
Fluttershy's Cottage - Game Models (Bedroom) by discopears

Also worth mentioning, some of the models make use of bodygroups. So with models such as the pan rack in the kitchen and furnace in the living room, you'll be able to adjust which pans you want showing.

I have not gotten these compiled into source yet, but that's what I am doing next.

Thanks for taking a look! I'm now on homestretch towards getting this project completed, meaning everyone will be able to use these in SFM for their own animations! Now I just have to finish Sweet Apple Acres and a handful of Ponville oriented models, mostly exterior models.

Feel free to comment or ask questions!
~ Discopears
Fluttershy's Cottage - Game Models (Bedroom) by discopears
Fluttershy's Cottage - Game Models (Bedroom)
This is my 3D model of her bedroom. All textured and finalized for usage in Source Filmmaker. These models are being made for Nutrafin 's "A True True Friend" animation and will be released free for everyone to use both on here and Steam Workshop.

Models made in Blender
Textures made in GIMP

The scene was both modeled and textured by me.

Other Angles:

Back of Living Room:…
Front of Living…

read more:…

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