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I like playing games and creating 3D artwork. I create 3D environments within Blender as well as models for Garrys Mod and Source Filmmaker. Not all my work is on here, but as I finish stuff I plan on getting more on here. ^^

You can find my older work on My later work and current projects can be found on my Steam Workshop page.

My Steam profile:… (this link was broken for a while, whoops!)

My Steam Workshop Submissions:…

Hello again everyone, its been a little while so I'd like to share with you my final update!

Over the course of this month I have been working tirelessly on the release and I am happy to say it's right around the corner. While Nutrafin  has been busy ironing out the kinks in the animation and getting all the scenes ready for the final renders, I've been working to make the display and release of all the models as nice looking and easy to use as I can. I will be releasing all of the models in three different forms: Steam Workshop, a .zip of the SFM compatible files, and the source files (.blend and textures).

Sorry if it has seemed like an eternity, turns out releasing 200 something models isn't that easy haha, I've been getting work done everyday. That includes working on the release pages, rendering images for every set of models, creating demo pictures, attempting to document everything, and lots of uploading.

Below I am going to outline how the release is going to look and function! 

General Outline of Pages

This is the overall design of the release and how I have all the pages set up. These will be submitted as Journal Deviations and will navigate just like any other web page. Over the course of the past few weeks I've picked up the basics of HTML and CSS so I can design and stylize every page to look nice and provide easy navigation. I'm still a total noob at this, I've tried my best and I think the results look great (You'll see! ^^). Below is an image and explanation that breaks down the core design of the release.

General Page Outline by discopears

The Hub Page

This is the main page/menu of the entire release. This page introduces what the project is, some information about myself, and previews of each section of the release. It is divided into the five categories of individual releases of models. In each category you will find an description, preview images, and two button-links. One will take you to the release page where the download options are. The other will take you to the "Virtual Gallery".

The Release Pages:

  • (PV) - Ponyville Environments
  • (FC) - Fluttershys Cottage
  • (SAA) - Sweet Apple Acres
  • (CB) - Carousel Boutique
  • (AS) - Animation Specific

Each of these pages presents the package and its contents. At the very top there are button links that will allow you to download the assets whichever way you want. There are three ways you can download the assets. You will be able to go straight to SFM's Workshop where I will have all the packages neat and tidy and in a collection or two, download a .zip of the SFM files directly, download a .zip that contains the .blend, textures, and .qc files.

Other Pages

Asset Catalogue - This page offers simplified but complete documentation on the models included in different parts of the release. The catalogue is actually composed of numerous pages where the first acts as a directory or table of contents.

This will be especially useful for those who want to modify the files and make changes of their own.

Help & FAQ - This will be fairly straight forward and simple, a place to answer any common questions about the release and offer help and suggestions in using the models effectively. The page will likely start pretty basic and grow over time as I add to it.

The Virtual Galleries

Thanks to the amazing powers and black magic of   I have gone to lengths to upload and present everything there so that you actually preview all the assets in real-time in your web browser! May not be new to some of you, but its truly amazing and useful if you haven't checked it out prior. The hub page will have the aforementioned buttons with each section of the release that will take you to an interactive gallery for the corresponding package. 

You will be able to preview the props that will allow you to create your own scene builds in SFM. In addition you can also view actual completed scenes, all right in Sketchfab. I have already made interactive tours of the complete Fluttershy's Cottage interior, Carousel Boutique, and Sweet Apple Acres.

A quick glimpse:
Sketchfab Icon Preview by discopears

What You'll Be Getting

With the final release, you will have access to everything I have teased in my previous updates. Below are some simple explanations. If you've been following my updates closely, there shouldn't be a lot new here.

Ponyville Environments

This package gives you all the necessary models to create your very own Ponyville street blocks and neighborhoods. These assets as shown before, have all been designed openly, allowing you to control the layout and arrangement of everything. There are 8 unique building models to work with all with their own "GB" or "Ground Base" model. These models allow you to arrange your buildings onto the "Ground Canvas", a large plane, in any arrangement you wish, giving you full control. With good lighting, the seams between the Ground Base and Ground Canvas should be minimal. Included in this set is also an arrangement of Vegetation (bushes), small ground details (rocks, stones, weeds), hill models, and more.

Fluttershy's Cottage Interior

This package provides a fully modeled and accurate interior of the cottage. There are three rooms total, the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. To decorate and bring the interior to life, there are key furniture items and props to place in each room. These are all individual items, giving you complete control on how you want everything arranged or placed.

Sweet Apple Acres

Similar to Ponyville, this is a complete set of models for creating your own scene builds in immediate Sweet Apple Acres barn area. You will have access to the barn model, its ground base, props, and a very large assortment of hills. These hill models also work great with the Ponyville Environments set. 

Carousel Boutique Interior

A fully modeled and accurate model of the interior of the boutique. In addition there is a wide assortment of props that can be used to decorate the scene. These can vary from salon booths, to mannequins. One bonus of the pack is the fully rigged sewing machine and surround props that have been used in the animation. You can animated the base of the machine, the hammer, and the wheel on the back. Lots of these applications will be more apparent with the release of the animation.

Animation Specific

This is the smallest of the bunch, the odds and ends created for the animation that don't belong in any of the above packages. The models in this bundle include a set of marching band themed props, ropes, fabric, etc. Some of the models, name the fabric, have vertex animations or flexes that let you animate the cloth. These are specific to the animation but could still serve useful.

The Documentation (Asset Catalogue)

This section of the release will act as documentation, a source of basic info on each and every model. It's a little basic and rough, but was very tedious to work on. I think the way it's currently built is fine. See the structure below!

The Structure of the Pages
Catalogue Outline by discopears

An Example of Appearance
Catalogue Preview by discopears


All of the release has already been designed and made functional; I've been working on it with Deviant Art's service. At the time of release I'll be submitting the journals and fixing any broken links on the buttons within the hub and release pages. Between now and then you may see me posting some images here and there. I have some new renders for all the environments I'd like to post.

That's all for now! I hope this post was informative and helpful. The release is next! I don't know exactly when I will be able to publish all of this, but it will most definitely be sometime before the end of this month(see edit). It should be very soon now. All I have left to do is refine a couple small things and start prepping the files for upload. Hopefully that won't be too much of an issue as the internet at the motel has been really bad lately..

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. :)


Edit: Didn't exactly say that last bit about the status the way I meant to and should have. My content should be ready for the final release by the end of this month, for whenever the animation has been completely rendered and is equally ready to go. When we know an actual date, we'll let you know, if it's necessary! :)

Edit2: Still working on the release.. I promise it will be worth the wait! :)

Edit: The presentation and release is currently being worked on!

This is my last content update for the "A True True Friend" animation project! This is it.. the end! The next one will be an overview of the upcoming release.

With my last content update, I am now here to present the final completed set: " TTF Animation Specific". This bundle is no where near as exciting as the others necessarily, but hey.. more stuff! This is basically a miscellaneous grab bag of models that were really only made for the animation but could still be useful to others. It's essentially, as the name suggest, specific props and items for various scenes in the animation but do not pertain to a specific location or category.

Only One More Update Left Before Release:
1. Pre-Release Outline

Final Release w/ Video (aka judgement day)

Finished, but Not Done

Huh, but I thought this was the last update..? 

Well, I can now say that I have each and every set completely finished for all practical purposes. However, I still have some work left to do. Not to worry though, these are straight forward things and I expect the release to be quite soon, as in, really quite soon. Right now my main task is helping Nutrafin get everything implemented in the animation as well running through each scene and ensuring we've tidied it all up and fixed any small issues or oddities. Along side the remaining work on the animation, I will be setting up the release structure and creating some nice presentation imagery. My next update will outline this structure once I have it figured out and very shortly afterward the release will take place. After working off and on for two years and creating more than 200 models, I want to ensure I release it all the best way I can.

Previous Completion Updates

Ponyville Environments 
Work Update - (4/9/15)Hello again, time for a quick update on things.
Last time I gave you an update on where I was at with the building models for my Ponyville Environment Props package. At that time I had completed the textures and now I have completed the ground they are sitting on.
Although I'm rushing through these for the sake of getting them done already (taking ages with them..) it's my end goal to have them set up in a way that allows people to build their own scenes that aren't dependent on some single arrangement. My original plan was to just make some simple models of the ground for various scene's in Nutrafin's animation. Not satisfied with that idea, I'm trying something else.
You start with a large plane model I have provided called "Ground Canvas". This just acts a sold color and flat base for everything you are to later plop down. You can either use the square or rounded one.

(The 2 choices)
You the

Part 1

Work Update - (5/18/15)Yo! So you guys know I'm still hard at work.. I have another update. :)
As of right now the only work I have left is a handful of animation specific things that will be added onto my already organized release packs I have set up. I plan on giving you guys a nice break down of what to expect sometime before the release. This month has been.. well.. something. I've got a lot going on right now, but I'm working hard with the intent of having all model work done sometime next week. Over the next two weeks I'll be wrapping up all the models and creating the imagery for the presentation of the formal release. :D
Edit: I was crazy to think I'd have everything done that quickly with finals creeping around the corner.. 
[Where I'm at]
As of the moment I have 5 updates to make, one for each package/workshop submission. So you know exactly what I have to do, I'll just go ahead and list what work remains towards my side of the project. Last night I finished and

Part 2

Sweet Apple Acres

  Sweet Apple Acres [COMPLETE] and Graduation!Long time, no update..!
Hey there! Its been a bit since I posted anything (surprise surprise). Work was slow up until now because I recieved a large influx of school work and then had final exams. I had to shift most my attention to that and put a lot of my other stuff on hold. With that being said though, school is OVER! I'm done!

Last Wednesday (6/17/15), I graduated high school! No longer will I have to juggle my classes/homework and my art work. I'm going to be busy trying to become independent in the coming months. My first priority now that I'm no longer busy is getting all my MLP models actually finished and released! Hopefully I'll soon be breaking free from this homeless situation I've had to tolerate for far too long. :)
Though busy with school, I did however make some progress.
Now, enough talk.. more progress pictures!
Sweet Apple Acres Bundle [Completed]
Over the course of May and up until now, I have worked on the final bul

Fluttershy's Cottage 

  Work Update - (6/29/15) - Fluttershy's CottageAs of a couple days ago I am now 100% done with the Fluttershy's Cottage portion of my work! Here's a quick look at the new props I've added to the package.
Now that I can say the Fluttershy's Cottage is fully complete I'll give you all a brief preview of all the content you'll be getting on release. Let me know what you think of it all, with each update I grow closer to being able to release it all. That's definitely motivating me to work hard at getting all this done as fast as I can. :)
Next update will showcase all the completed Carousel Boutique content! I'm already almost done with all that, so expect that very soon. After that, one more update for animation specific models (only a small handful) and then... I'll be creating the release stuff and get everything ready to go for when the video is put out. Me and Nutrafin have been working very hard these past few days to get all the compiled models into the animation and looking nice. The teasing ends soon.. :)
Three Work Update

Carousel Boutique 

Work Update - (7/3/15) Carousel Boutique CompletedThis is my second to last content update! Up next, TTF Animation Specific Props!
I am proud to present my next update, this time featuring the completed Carousel Boutique set. Like my previous update I'll show you what's new, what you've seen before (so you can get a view of the entire package) and then a checklist for what remains.
Two Work Updates Left:
1. TTF Animation Specific
2. Pre-Release Outline
Final Release w/ Video (aka FINALLY)
Previous Completion Updates
Ponyville Environments 

Part 1

Part 2
Sweet Apple Acres
Fluttershy's Cottage
New Content - More Props
Dress_Blue + Reference



Mannequin Version

New Content - The Props and Objects!

These are some SFM renders of props and objects that are for a couple specific scenes in the animation. (Band_Hat, Band_Drum, Band_Drum_Stick, Band_Trumpet, Disguise_Glasses)

Band Hat C by discopearsDrum + Stick White Compress by discopears
Band Trumpet by discopearsDisguise Glasses C by discopears
Below - (Elements_Chest - Rigged)
Elements Chest Closed by discopearsElements Chest Open by discopears

UPDATE: Snow WIP (specific to a scene) (7/24/15)

OGB_1_Snow (rendered in sfm)
OGB 1 Snow Final by discopears

OGB_2_Snow (rendered in sfm)
OGB 2 Snow Final by discopears

Bushes w/snow (Currently working on a separate skin for the bushes themselves so they actually look cold)Bushes Snow Final by discopears

Vertex Animations

These props have vertex animations. Very specific to the animation of course, but could always serve useful should they be needed. Was originally going to post gifs of these, but decided not to. However, the motions of each are described.

Cloth_Vert - Vertex animation of the cloth being pulled away and unraveled from a sewing machine.
Ss+(2015-07-22+at+03.34.19) by discopears
Cloth - Animated w/ 2 flexes that pull the fabric inward on the left/right sides when the sewing machine jams (See more here: Work Update - (7/3/15) Carousel Boutique Completed )
Ss+(2015-07-22+at+03.34.12) by discopears

Rope_Loop - Vertex animation of the rope being pulled away and dropping to the floor
Ss+(2015-07-22+at+03.34.31) by discopears

Rope_Wiggle - Vertex animation of the rope dropping down and leaning a little
Ss+(2015-07-22+at+03.35.19) by discopears


These are also props. Scene specific like the others (Rope_Wrap, Statue_Saddle)
Ss+(2015-07-22+at+03.35.27) by discopears

Ss+(2015-07-22+at+03.35.44) by discopears

Other Completed Work (edits)

  • Edited and improved all textures in the "Ponyville Environments" set by smoothing the baked AO (reduce noise and jaggedness) and cleaning up visible artifacts.
  • Updated all .vmt files within the "Ponyville Environments" set by adding tweaked $phong reflections and normal maps (Alpha channel of normal map influences reflectivity)
  • Fixed some obvious texture errors on a few models
  • Changed or removed mip mapping on some textures
  • General fixes (missing content, errors, etc. )

BOOM - All Content Updates Completed!

What Work Remains Now...?

Fluttershy's Cottage - Completed
Sweet Apple Acres - Completed
Ponyville Environments - Completed
MLP Cloud Sprites - Completed (could add more)
Carousel Boutique -  Completed
TTF Animation Specific -  Completed

Various Updates, Edits, and Fixes - Completed
  • .vmt file changes  -  Done
  • Various Building Edits (for animation) for Ponyville Env. -  Done
  • Some texture errors/mistakes  -  Done
  • GB_Pink_Fence_Rail is missing from Ponyville Env (compile)  -  Done
  • Snow Edits for some Ponyville Env. Models (for animation) Done
  • Balcony Edits for some building models (for animation) Done
  • Animation - Implementation/Support - In Progress
Release Structure and Imagery  - Current WIP

We're Very close to the end now! Stay tuned for that outline of the release. Throughout the next week or so (Could be longer, who knows) I'll be working to plan out the exact release and working with Nutrafin to get everything finished and ready to go. :)

As always, thanks for your continued patience and support!
Please feel free to let me know what you think, ask questions, or make suggestions. :)

Stay tuned,




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"A True True Friend" is the video that Nutrafin has been working on, the animation I have created all of my models for. Once everything is finished, both the video and the collection of models will be released. 

The release should probably be sometime next week or so, don't know exactly when yet. :)
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