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My latest art submissions. Keep in mind some art in here may have been created at an earlier date then submission (Posting some of my earlier work and whatnot).


Peoples' art that I believe to be positively divine.


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United States

I like playing games and creating 3D artwork. I create 3D environments within Blender as well as models for Garrys Mod and Source Filmmaker. Not all my work is on here, but as I finish stuff I plan on getting more on here. ^^

You can find my older work on (Nope.. not anymore I guess. The website no longer exists). My later work and current projects can be found on my Steam Workshop page.

My Steam profile:… (this link was broken for a while, whoops!)

My Steam Workshop Submissions:…

Have a request? I do accept them! However, I have a busy schedule with school, as well as limits. There are some things I won't make, but if there is something you'd like in Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker send me a message and I'll get back to you.
Hello again, time for a quick update on things.

Last time I gave you an update on where I was at with the building models for my Ponyville Environment Props package. At that time I had completed the textures and now I have completed the ground they are sitting on.

Although I'm rushing through these for the sake of getting them done already (taking ages with them..) it's my end goal to have them set up in a way that allows people to build their own scenes that aren't dependent on some single arrangement. My original plan was to just make some simple models of the ground for various scene's in Nutrafin's animation. Not satisfied with that idea, I'm trying something else.

You start with a large plane model I have provided called "Ground Canvas". This just acts a sold color and flat base for everything you are to later plop down. You can either use the square or rounded one.

Ground Canvas by discopears
(The 2 choices)

You then choose from the 8 available building who all have their own "Ground Base" model.

Building + Ground Base by discopears
("Balcony_B" with it's respective "GB_Balcony_B" model)

From there you create the arrangement of the buildings you want for your scene

Arrangement by discopears
(Square "Ground_Canvas" with a few buildings plopped down) 
Note that the transition between the Ground Canvas and Ground Base models will be more visible in SFM. The transition looks seamless here since the preview has no shading. 

To help cover blank or bare areas between buildings, I'm going to include a small arrangement of vegetation props that you can add to your scene.

Vegetation by discopears
(Working on the textures for these today :) I'm also going to make around 3 more )

To further detail your scene if you want/need to, I'm going to include a handful of small props that you can scatter around.

Small Details by discopears
(The individual props I used on the GB models will be included as their own separate models too)
Note: I'm also working on some small subtle hill models that you can place around the canvas to make your scene less flat looking.

I'm also including a few extra hill models so you can have something to add to the background - Ideally you should be able to use the hills from the Sweet Apple Acres package too!

(This is even what the actual MLP artists do lol)

Hills by discopears
(This is a really rough preview of that. The white hill in the back still needs a texture and the others need a tiny bit of work)

The Building Models with their Respective "Ground Base" (6/8) - 2 are still under construction..

Balcony Building 01 by discopears

Bridged B F 01 by discopears

Bridged B B 01 by discopears

Courtyard Building 02 by discopears

Courtyard Building B 02 by discopears

Ogb 1 Fl 01 by discopears

Ogb 1 Fr 01 by discopears

Pink Building 01 by discopears

I'm also gradually working on all those "loose ends" I said I have left with the other packages

Boutique Extras by discopears
(Clothing Cart, Tape Measure, Cork Board, Cobweb Sprite.. nothing ground breaking)

Well.. that's it for now! Feel free to drop some input on all this stuff. I'm currently on Spring Break so I have more time to work and play stuff. I've got 4 days left, so hopefully these last days will be productive ;)

  • Listening to: Lazerhawk - Overdrive
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  • Playing: War Thunder (still...)

It seems that the time between my updates have been gradually getting wider.. I'm happy to say that will no longer be the case! As of the past couple weeks I've been busy trying to wrap things up.

Good news is, I'm going out to go ahead and say that all of my content will be finished, released, and available sometime next month, that's a promise. It's my personal goal to get everything done and released within April, I'm tired of making people wait so long for content that should have been released ages ago.

Right now I'm wrapping up the core assets for the final package of models: "Ponyville Environment Props".

Once this is all complete I will be working to finish up all the miscellaneous loose ends from the other packages. Once that's done, it'll just be a matter of helping Nutrafin get these into the animation, finally completed, and released.

What I've Been Doing:

Over the past month I've been trying to stay on top of school but also make progress as well. I did a lot of work on the Sweet Apple Acres package and I've started finalizing the big chunks of work in the Ponyville packages (see screenshots below).

Sweet Apple Acres

The work done on Sweet Apple Acres included getting everything compiled into source and adding some features for Nutrafin and hopefully others. 

All SAA hill models have two skins, one that is a bright lively green and another that is a dead brownish tan. I have also bodygrouped the trees so that you can toggle whether the tree models appear dead or not. This way you can easily swap between a dead looking SAA (perhaps during fall/winter etc) and the bright lively version just by playing around with the models. I have also included versions of the models (namely the hills) that have been mirrored for more potential uses.

Here is a glance at the content I've been finishing up this past week:

OGB_1 by discopears

Bridged_B by discopears

Pink_B by discopears

OGB_2 by discopears

Other Upcoming Content in this Package

For the ponyville package I have a bit more work underway. It will include 8 different background building models (including the ones you see here), some vegetation props, other misc props/decor, and ground meshes.

All of the building models are set up to have their plants/bushes bodygrouped so that you can toggle them on and off depending on your preference. (not a huge feature, but could serve useful to someone)

The ground meshes are going to be made in a way that would allow you to create your own layouts and arrangements without making things look weird or being forced to some predefined arrangement for the buildings.

I'll be explaining this more in my next update that will most likely appear later this week.

As always, I'd like to hear what you think! Like I mentioned before, I promise all my content to be finalized and released sometime in April. Thank you for your patience. :)

  • Listening to: "Bodyache" by Purity Ring
  • Watching: Better Call Saul
  • Playing: War Thunder


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I haven't really gone to any lengths to put my stuff out there. Once I'm finished with all the stuff I'm currently working on, I'm hoping to grab some attention. We'll see though :)
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I'm almost always actively looking for new MLP 3D modelers for various things.

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discopears Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can definitely understand that. Not too many of us out there. That's why I'm trying to make as much content as I can. :) I want more people to have the assets available to create their own scenes without straying too far from the MLP theme (except for when intentional).
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